Movie producer Don Hahn was recently overseas in the UK checking out the pre-production of Tim Burton’s upcoming film, Frankenweenie. While there he dished some dirt to Empire about a few high profile properties including The Snow Queen, the Roger Rabbit sequel, and The Lion King or should we say, The Lion King in 3D?

Hahn revealed that the studio has plans to re-release the 1994 animated feature The Lion King in 3D following their 3D conversion of Beauty and the Beast in 2011. He mentioned that they’re currently working on it and plan on using the same technology used on Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas.

“I’m actually trying to work out a 3D conversion of The Lion King. I’ll be doing that when I go back to the States in a couple of weeks,” he said, explaining that we shouldn’t expect to see it for a while yet, since the Disney boffins are taking their time in making Simba, Zazu et al pop out of the screen. “It’s going to be spectacular – we will do a good job for ya! The technology is tremendous. We did A Nightmare Before Christmas a few years ago and Tim thought it was better than the original because it allows you to walk onto the set.”

As for the Roger Rabbit sequel, he stayed mum on the subject but he did state, “If you’re a fan, pretty soon you’re going to be very, very, very happy.”

On a sad note, the developing animated film, The Snow Queen has been put on hold. It’s being shelved because of their inability to come up with a decent script. It’s unfortunate news, but at least we know they’re not trying to shovel a half-ass story onto the screen. We can wait it out.

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