Over at MSN, they’ve released a cool new featurette for Christopher Nolan’s Inception. It highlights all the main characters and includes plenty of new footage. It also gives more background info on the film’s trippy dream-traveling premise. You can watch the video right here below…

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Here are some observations [Mild Spoilers]:

  • Michael Caine’s character is the one who taught Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cobb to “navigate people’s minds,” making him The Extractor.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt is The Point Man who’s responsible for ensuring an escape from a dream once they’ve entered it.
  • Ellen Page is The Architect who can build the landscape of any dream.
  • Tom Hardy is The Forger, someone who does the dirty work in their operation, while Marion Cotillard appears as The Shade, somebody with a personal connection to Cobb.
  • Cillian Murphy is The Mark, the person who’s mind they’re trying to invade with an idea or “seed.”
  • It sounds as if they’re trying to pull off something that’s highly unstable by creating a dream within a dream.

This movie is filled with a lot of complicated subconscious and conscious storytelling and it looks intriguing! July 16th can’t get here fast enough.

What do you think of the character featurette for Inception? Are you still interested in seeing the film?