The third season of “True Blood” continued last night with the second episode entitled, Beautifully Broken. After following a decent premiere, this week the show brought on a few old and new faces including the adorable Godric. Sure he’s a vampire and a murderer, but he’s so cute! Tell us what you thought of Beautifully Broken by voting in our poll. Was it great or did it suck (and not in a vampire way)…

Last night we discovered that Bill was kidnapped by the Vampire King of Mississippi and they discussed his questionable motives over dinner (a very long dinner). Eric turned semi-human around Sookie when she continued to beg him for his help finding Bill (will those two just get it on already?). Sam came across his brother who was less than welcoming of his visit, while Lafayette and Tara went to visit his crazy mother (literally, she’s in an institution).

Speaking of Tara she was the segue into the introduction of a new character, Franklin Mott. He’s played by “The Tudors” alum James Frain and here’s what some critics had to say about his first scenes on the show…

  • We met Franklin, the Brit vamp who helped Tara beat up some bad ol’ boys who insulted Eggs. (We like Franklin, don’t we? Rheumy-eyed, grizzled, yet somehow oozing a certain across-the-pond allure… ) [EW]
  • Tara’s now met up with her first official vampire companion, Franklin (James Frain). I’m not sure who he is or what’s to come of the relationship, but I do know that he seemed to be specifically seeking Tara out at Merlotte’s. [IGN]
  • I also enjoyed the introduction of James Frain’s character Franklin. I’ve seen Frain in a few shows, like Fringe and The Tudors, but I have a feeling already that this will be his most memorable role (for me) yet. [TVOvermind]
  • Please, Franklin Mott, use your British accent to calm Tara the heck down. So she was a zombie and her boyfriend was a killer? Get over it, girl! Use your BFF as a role model, as Sookie is never one for self-pity. [TVFanatic]

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There seems to be a general consensus that Tara’s become a bit of a half-wit and is annoying the crap out of everyone. We understand that she’s grieving but get it together. Also, we love Jason Stackhouse but his storyline is also starting to get on our nerves. Hopefully, when the blond haired girl from the woods comes back,  (Lindsay Pulsipher) his character will get some better material. Fingers crossed for next week!

What did you think of last night’s episode?