The opening weekend of Josh Brolin and Megan Fox’s new flick Jonah Hex didn’t fair too well. It came in at number 8 with a little over $5 million at the box office, which we predicted would happen with our Top Ten Worst Movies of Summer 2010 post. Now that it’s come and gone, it’s time for the stars to start looking for new material. Fox has already shown interest in another comic character who she’d love to bring to the big screen. Her name’s Sarah Rainmaker and she’s one of the superheroes in the Gen 13 comic book.

The hero is a Native American (Apache descent) and has several cool powers like manipulating the weather, controlling the movement of water, producing lightning bolts, flying via wind currents, and she’s a kick-ass fighter. Fox recognizes that she’s not a spitting image of Rainmaker but thinks audiences could make an exception with her in the role.

“She’s a Native American and I have a little bit of that blood in me,” she said. “It would be a bit of a stretch –but if Jake Gyllenhaal can be the Prince of Persia, I think that I can do that.”

We knew that example was going to come up sooner than later. Technically, Gyllenhaal’s character is adopted (minor spoiler) in the film but for the most part she’s right. Most of his adopted family were supposed to be of Persian decent yet they’re played by pure white actors.

With Jonah Hex performing as badly as it did, and Jennifer’s Body bombing during its run, do you think a studio would trust the actress to headline a superhero movie solo?

Do you think Fox could play Rainmaker? Who would be your pick for the role?

Source: Fox News