If you’re a native Australian, the title Tomorrow, When the War Began strikes a cord. It’s an amazing book series that was written by John Marsden that centers on the invasion of the country by a foreign power. Screenwriter Stuart Beattie makes his directorial debut with the feature adaptation of the books and its first trailer has been released. Take a look…

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The Tomorrow Series is so popular in Australia that they actually teach it in schools. It centers on eight high school friends in a remote country town whose lives are suddenly and violently upended by a war that no-one saw coming. Cut off from their families and their friends, these eight extraordinary teenagers must somehow learn to escape, survive and fight back.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to interview Beattie prior to the release of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and he said that he had the blessing of the books’ author and claimed that even though it’s a war movie it won’t be an R-rated bloodbath.

It’s a war movie, so it’s real people getting shot. It’s not gonna be ‘R’ or anything, I don’t want it to go that far, but it will have real jeopardy. It will be very much a “real” ride.

Tomorrow, When the War Began opens in Australia and New Zealand on September 2, 2010.

What does the trailer look like to you? I’m seeing the Australian version of Red Dawn here.

Are you familiar with the Tomorrow Series? What do you think of the trailer?