One super-producer and an acclaimed director have taken to Twitter to update us on the latest happenings surrounding two of next summer’s biggest films. First up, Jerry Bruckheimer released a few photos from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, which were followed by Jon Favreau tweeting an image from his new film, Cowboy’s & Aliens. Check them out…

The plot for On Stranger Tides is said to be based on the Tim Powers novel of the same name which centered on pirates and their search for the fountain of youth. The logo located on the back of the chairs feature a skull with water leaking out of its eye sockets. If that’s not a confirmation, I don’t know what is. The cast of the film includes Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane, Geoffrey Rush, Stephen Graham, Sam Claflin, Greg Ellis, Gemma Ward, and The Losers Óscar Jaenada.

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides hits theaters on May 20, 2011.

Cowboys & Aliens centers on outer-space creatures who land in Arizona circa the mid-19th century intent on enslaving the local population — until a group of cowboys and Apache Indians fight back. Zeke Jackson (Daniel Craig) is a very talented gunman who becomes the revolt leader and tries to lead them to victory. Besides Craig, the film also stars Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Noah Ringer, Sam Rockwell, Paul Dano, and Adam Beach.

Cowboys & Aliens is slated to hit theaters on July 29, 2011

What do you think of the first set photos from On Stranger Tides and Cowboys & Aliens?

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