This weekend we’ll celebrate the 35th anniversary of one of the most popular thrillers of all time, Jaws! On June 30, 1975, the Steven Spielberg film made everyone afraid to go in the water. Thanks to John Williams haunting score, Roy Scheider’s sharp delivery, and an animatronic shark named Bruce, we got one of the first summer blockbusters in film history…

Thirty-five years ago, Spielberg did something that directors rarely did back then, he had his film open nationwide, simultaneously. Today that might seem like the norm but that wasn’t the case in the seventies. He had a balls to the wall marketing campaign that was so good that when the film finally debuted, people came, they saw, and they sh*t their pants!

Who can forget that chilling narration in the original trailer? “It is as if God created the devil and gave him…jaws.” That was such an amazing line that I’m going to share it with you right now. Take a look at the 1975 trailer for Jaws and tell us if it still gives you chills years after its release.

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Let’s just bask in this film and forget about its sequels, especially that Godforsaken Jaws 3-D. That movie was horrible! The one thing, that made the original stick out was the genuine fear it put into your heart. It made people afraid of all forms of water including the kind in tubs and toilets. It was that real. That shark got into your subconscious. That’s why over 3 decades later, it still stands the test of time.

Happy 35th anniversary Jaws!

When did you first see Jaws? Did it leave you terrified to go in the water?