In 2009, thousands of LGBT citizens were denied almost 200 civil rights that their straight, married counterparts enjoy through civil marriage. Why? Two big things that should have had nothing to do with the election — Mormons and money. Not until the California Fair Political Practices Commission launched an investigation into the Mormon’s involvement in Proposition 8, did the secrets of the Mormon effort become a matter of record.

Find out what went wrong and the effect it had on people all over the country in 8: The Mormon Proposition

The Players:

  • Directed by: Reed Cowan and Steven Greenstreet (co-director)
  • Written by: Reed Cowan
  • Narrator: Dustin Lance Black
  • Original Music by: Thomas Chase andNicholas Greer
  • Edited by: Brian Bayerl, Steven Greenstreet, and John Paul Kinhart

The Good:

  • Strong Message: There’s not doubt that you will walk away knowing this films intent. It’s message is loud and clear and well presented. What happened with Prop 8 was wrong, politically, religiously, and humanely. Laws were broken, religions lied and manipulated the system to uphold their faith (as if anything is new here) and a group of people who asked for nothing but equal rights were robbed of their chance and written off by the government.
  • Level of Seriousness: Although the film is about gay rights, it’s about more than that. It’s about basic human rights that the government is supposed to uphold despite religious pressure. However you felt about Prop 8, put that aside and look at how the law was passed. Next time it could be something else, a right that you would die for. It makes you wonder if this nation has just completely given up on the idea of separation between church and state.
  • Well Presented: There is a lot of information to get across in this film and not much time to do it in. They did a good job at trying to show all the different people and factors that came together to cause one great catastrophe without you ever getting confused as to why anything was happening.
  • Fast-Paced/Well Edited: If something made it to the screen, it did so for a reason. Everything was both compelling and helped the story as a whole.

The Bad:

  • Timing: It’s a shame that this film couldn’t have come out earlier. When the dust from the destruction of Prop 8 hadn’t yet settled (which it should never settle, but sadly it’s getting swept to the side by the media). If you would have seen this film before voting, there’s no way that the measure would have been passed. Sadly, that’s impossible because the filming takes place DURING the vote. Hopefully it will still managed to ruffle some feathers and motivate people to keep fighting! It’s not over until everyone, gay or straight has equal rights!
  • Needs More Stars!: I never thought I would say this, but it may help the film to reach a wider audience to have some big names involved! There are a number of stars in Hollywood who would/should support this film! It’s fantastic that Dustin Lance Black narrated the film, but come on all your Hollywood heavy-weights! Get behind the camera and help support the film!


Great film. Very powerful. Go see it and GET MOTIVATED!

Rating: 9/10

See 8: The Mormon Proposition will be in select theaters June 18th!


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