It’s no secret that Broadway and television star Lea Michele has an amazing voice. She was practically born with a microphone in her hand, therefore it’s no surprise that her first leap into feature films would be an animation. She’ll put her pipes to work when she voices the title character in the upcoming adaptation, Dorothy of Oz.

Dorothy of Oz is being produced by an independent film company called Summertime Entertainment and is tentatively scheduled to hit theaters during the spring of 2012. Doesn’t that seem far away? The release date might have something to do with the star’s busy schedule as well as the 3D process. That’s right. This movie will be in 3D too!

This won’t be your mother’s Wizard of Oz. The film is based on a children’s chapter book written by L. Frank Baum’s great-grandson, Roger, not the sprawling world created by his great-grandfather. It will also feature plenty of characters that didn’t appear in the original series or film. Producer Bonne Radford claims “It will take the Wizard of Oz to places it has never been able to go before.”

There are so may different Oz adaptations going on at the moment, we wonder if this will be overkill? Just yesterday we posted a teaser trailer for an upcoming Polish Brothers movie simply entitled, Oz. What’s next?

What do you think of Lea Michele lending her voice to Dorothy of Oz?

Source: The LA Times