Despite what you saw in Iron Man 2, this is not the summer of pretty boy superheroes. This weekend, Josh Brolin tackles the role of a slack-jawed, post-Civil War vet who’s got a serious chip on his shoulder in Jonah Hex. The character doesn’t have an artillery filled with the latest guns and gadgets but he does have great aim and a license to kill. Move over Tony Stark there’s a new hero in town and he travels by horse not air…

The Players:

The Plot:

Jonah Hex is based on the DC Comics property about a disfigured gunman who travels the Old West seeking revenge on the man who killed his family. The film version centers on Hex’s quest to find and stop Quentin Turnbull from causing another Civil War within the United States. Hex is commissioned by President Grant to track Turnbull down and bring him to justice.

The Good:

  • Josh Brolin: If they put anyone else in this role it wouldn’t have worked. Brolin became Jonah Hex and delivered everything you wanted from the character and more.
  • The Casting: Besides Brolin, they got several amazing actors to appear in this film. The majority of them were glorified cameos but still entertaining. A few people to look out for are Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Michael Shannon, Aidan Quinn, Wes Bentley, and Tom Wopat. Yes, Tom “Luke Duke” Wopat from “The Duke’s of Hazzard.”

The Bad:

  • The Story: There’s an overarching story that centers on Hex and Turnbull, which is easy to follow and understandable. But then there’s a whole other subplot that deals with a massive weapon that doesn’t even look like it belongs in the era in which the film takes place. This is fiction and it’s based on a comic but there’s no point in doing everything else by the book and making one thing stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Special Effects: This movie wasn’t made with Batman or Superman money but a few of the explosions bordered on cartoonish. Some of them could have been done practically without CGI and the effect would have been 10 times better.
  • The Tone: This wasn’t a hardcore drama, it wasn’t a romance film, and it wasn’t a comedy, it was all of thee above. There’s nothing’s wrong with having multiple genres in one movie if you can balance them correctly but for Jonah Hex that wasn’t the case. It came across as uneven and random.


Jonah Hex is pretty mediocre. There’s nothing about this film that would make it standout besides Josh Brolin’s mutilated face and an unnecessarily damp (all the time!) Megan Fox. There are a few things worth watching but nothing too big that you can’t hold out for the DVD.

Rating: 5.5/10

Jonah Hex debuts in theaters Friday, June 18, 2010.



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