If you’re an avid fan of the procedural drama “CSI: Miami” this news is for you. Back in February it was announced that Adam Rodriguez would return to the show as a series regular starting next season. This had a lot of people wondering how he and co-star Eddie Cibrian would coexist since Cibrian’s Jesse Cardoza is pretty much a filler for Rodriguez’s Eric Delko. According to EW, you don’t have to speculate anymore because Cibrian has been cut from the show.

While the network refuses to comment on the status of Cibrian’s contract a source close to the series claims that he’s out. They stated that his contract option has not been picked up by the producers. The show wants to put the focus back on the original team members including Delko when he returns from his hiatus.

Here’s the big question, will YOU miss Cibrian or his character? He was mostly brought on as a substitute and his character didn’t really mesh with a lot of fans. He’s not a horrible actor but they needed to cut the fat. Getting back to the core of the show depends heavily on its cast and their chemistry with one another. That’s my opinion, what’s yours?

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