When the 2012 Summer Olympics roll around they’re going to have a tough act to follow. China really brought their A-game when they hosted the event with an opening ceremony that was calculated and breathtaking. Therefore London is bringing out the big guns. The Olympic committee has turned to native Brit and Oscar winning director Danny Boyle to help bring their show to life.

Boyle was rumored to be involved with the event a couple weeks ago but no confirmation had been made at the time. According to Yahoo Sports, on Thursday he was officially introduced as the artistic director of the 2012 London Olympics that will take place on July 27th. He’ll be aided by another talented director Stephen Daldry who will be an executive producer of both the opening and closing ceremonies. When they were told that they would be a part of such a monumental event both directors were honored to take on the task.

“It’s a fantastic responsibility,” Boyle said. “When they offered us the job, they said, `Do you want to think about it?’ I said, ‘No, I want to do it.”’

They’ll be following in the footsteps of Zhang Yimou, the famous Chinese director who helped produce the Beijing Olympic ceremony in 2008, a spectacle that brought in over 1 billion TV viewers. Can two acclaimed British helmers top that?

Both Daldry and Boyle have directed films that have amazing musical sequences like Billy Elliot and Slumdog Millionaire. It will be interesting to see what the creative geniuses have hiding up their sleeves. They’ve got 2 years to get it together.

What do you think of Boyle and Daldry taking on the London Olympic ceremonies?