Do NOT be deceived by this box office hungry trailer: Jonah Hill will perform sans Judd Appatow flare and John C. Riley offers more than half-nude tomfoolery. That being said, Fox Searchlight Pictures presents Cyrus written and directed by the Duplass brothers. Hill, Riley, and the always fabulous Marissa Tomei comprise the quirky trio that will leave you both slightly charmed and slightly confused.

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The Players:

The Plot:

John’s (Riley) complete lack of social interaction coupled with the recent news of Jamie (Catherine Keener),  his ex-wife’s, remarriage has him in the throws of desperation. Jamie drags him to a party where fate introduces him to Molly (Tomei) – the woman of his dreams (!). Their chemistry is immediate, though Molly’s reluctancy to take their relationship past John’s house leaves him suspicious. He follows her home to discover the “other man” – her 21-year old son Cyrus (Hill). Protective and quite dependent on his mother, Cyrus goes to enormous lengths to prevent Molly and John from getting serious. Let the games begin.

The Bad:

  • Ignore Trailer: Presumably for commercial attention, the trailer for this film is incredibly misleading. This isn’t your average John C. Riley/Jonah Hill bag-up comedy, so if you fall within the parameters of that target audience, run!

The Good/Bad:

  • Odd Relationships: Everyone cracks a smile at a “momma’s boy,” but Cyrus inflates this label to a strange and borderline inappropriate level. He tackles/straddles his mother in public, accompanies her in the bathroom while she showers, and comments on her sex life totally unabashed.  We get it, your relationship is a little out of the pocket, and the indie-crowd loves to glamorize some solid dysfunction. But, settle down a minute. There are many ways to exhibit a severely unhealthy, codependent relationship sans the aforementioned behavior.

The Good:

  • Performances: A+ all around. Jonah Hill was excellent in a non-idiotic role. His performance was subtle, but very striking. John C. Riley was warm, almost parental – which is a refreshing addition to his resume. And Marissa Tomei was Marissa Tomei, awesome across the boards.
  • Message: This film in many ways is a commentary on single-parenting. A hightened example, yes – but Cyrus highlights the danger in becoming more of a “friend” than a “parent,” and how codependency, even when rooted in love, can still be quite toxic in a relationship.
  • Quirky Humor: Again, Cyrus isn’t the comedy that it’s trailer projects it to be, but there’s a dark, off-beat humor well-woven into the poignancy of this film. It’s an edgier form of comedy – one that requires the audience to dig a little for the laugh.


Again, if you aren’t expecting two hours of foolish debauchery, you might enjoy this strange little flick.

Rating: 7/10

Cyrus will be in select theaters June 18th!

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