Sony has wasted no time planning a sequel to last weekend’s The Karate Kid. The film topped the box office charts beating out another eighties revamp, The A-Team with over $55 million. Not only did it come in at number one but it left its competition in the dust with a good $30 million gap. The original Karate Kid had 4 films in its series and it looks like this version is about to follow in its footsteps…

According Deadline, Sony execs are currently meeting with writers to hear pitches for the second film’s story. This information comes from sources embedded deep within the agency so more than likely it’s legit. Plus, the financial outcome of the film’s debut was like blood in water. When studio’s get one ounce of success they want to find ways to get more and that usually means a sequel.

There’s no word on whether or not any of the actors were signed on for multiple films, so they might have to go back in to renegotiate their deals. I doubt that any of them would turn down an opportunity to do it all again. What was Jackie Chan doing prior to this? The Spy Next Door was horrible and so was Rush Hour 3, at least The Karate Kid gives us a glimpse of the Chan we used to know and love.

Do you think they should make a Karate Kid sequel? Would you watch it?