Russell Crowe is putting down his bow and arrow from Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood and picking up a gun in the big screen adaptation of The Equalizer. According to The LA Times, the actor will star in a film based on the cult TV series that ran on CBS from 1985-1989. The show’s entire premise wreaked of vengeance and who can deliver revenge better than Crowe?

The Times claims that Crowe has signed on to play Robert McCall, the series protagonist who was made famous by Edward Woodward. In a lot of ways the character is like a vigilante. He has a murky past that’s never fully disclosed; all we know is that he used to work for an organization called The Company or The Agency or something ambiguous of that nature. He’s an unconventional hero to say the least but he gets the job done.

The film had been gestating in development with The Weinstein Company for years but is no longer under its umbrella. Now several high-end producers including Mace Neufeld have their hands on the property and are shopping it around with Crowe attached as the lead. We’re sure the actor will get people interested, which means The Equalizer could be put on the fast track into production in no time.

What do you think of Russell Crowe playing The Equalizer?