The Manga adaptation Priest must be cursed because Screen Gems has once again delayed its release. The film has been officially stalled for the third time and 3D conversion is to blame. Speaking of 3D, The Green Hornet is another project that will be released in the format and according to THR it will open in both conventional and IMAX theaters when it debuts next year. Find out more about the films’ futures below…

Priest was originally slated to hit theaters on August 27th but the studio pushed it back to January 14, 2011, followed by a move to March 4, 2011 so they could convert it to 3D. Now they’ve decided to push it back again but this time to May 13, 2011. They’re either worried that the movie itself is crap or the 3D conversion looks like garbage.

As for Hornet, why is it getting an IMAX 3D release? Why is it even in 3D? Granted Michel Gondry is a visual master who can work wonders behind the camera, but in the end it’s still Green Hornet. Kato can be just as kick-ass without the help of 3D technology. Green Hornet is scheduled to open in theaters (including IMAX) on January 14, 2011.

What do you think about the release date shuffle? Does Green Hornet need to be in IMAX 3D?