***Update: Watch the full interview now***

Not long ago Krystal posted a story on ScreenCrave about the writer of the Twilight and “Dexter” TV series Melissa Rosenberg talking to the LA Times about toning down The Twilight Saga: Break Dawn for the big screen and a PG-13 rating. While reading the tiny quote I remembered that during my one on one interview with Rosenberg over the weekend, she talked much more in detail about her decision to cut the blood and sex from Breaking Dawn and why she thinks it will make it a better film.

Check out the interview below where we talk about why she’s sticking to PG-13 despite the fact that fans think that the only make to make the film is with an R-rating…

WARNING: For those of you who know nothing about the movie or book for Breaking Dawn and want to keep it that way (I’m not sure why you’re even in this post, but I feel like I should say something) there are some pretty big spoilers in this interview. If you know the book and what happens between then main characters, then have no fear, this merely explains why she’s going in a certain direction but won’t spoil anything for you…

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I actually agree that suspense and foreplay are always much more effective that blood and sex, but it would be fun to watch the Twilight series take such a major turn and shake things up a bit! Then again they would lose out on their target audience and risk adults shunning it. I guess she’ll leave the big risks for “Dexter” and make sure that Twi-hards get what’s “appropriate” and not necessarily what they want.

What do you think of Rosenberg’s decisions to keep it PG-13?