Sunday, June 13th on HBO “True Blood” returned with an all new episode to kick-start its third season. From what we’ve gathered in our premiere poll 56% of our readers gave it four stars, followed by a distant 29% who gave it three. Out of that bunch only 2% claimed it was disappointing and deserved one star. The majority has spoken because according to EW, the vampire series brought in some impressive numbers for its big return!

“True Blood’s” first episode of the season entitled “Bad Blood” pulled in 5.1. million viewers, which is up 38% in comparison to the opener for season 2. The numbers aren’t record breaking but shows major growth in the series’ following. When the 11 pm repeats were factored in the total tally for the night was 6.4 million viewers.

As a fan of “True Blood,” who doesn’t have the luxury of HBO, there are millions of people who watch the show that aren’t represented in those numbers. There are a lot of viewers who can’t afford the channel but stream it online or wait for it to pop up a few days later somewhere else. Therefore, even though these aren’t unprecedented numbers, this is not the entire “True Blood” fanbase. There’s definitely more where that came from.

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What do you think of the ratings for True Blood’s premiere? Did you think they would be higher?