Universal Pictures has just announced their distribution plans for the upcoming prequel to The Thing. They’ve given the film a spring 2011 release, which means it’s safe from competing blockbusters like Marvel’s Thor and Captain America. Isn’t that convenient? The film is supposed to take place prior to the 1982 John Carpenter version so there will be plenty of new material to keep your attention.

Even though it’s a prequel the studio is still referring to it as The Thing, which I find strange. It features the unearthly creature but doesn’t have the same story as the previous films. Despite that discrepancy, they plan on releasing it in theaters on April 29, 2011. If that’s not playing it safe I don’t know what is because Thor opens the very next weekend on May 6th.

The cast of The Thing will be led by Joel Edgerton from Animal Kingdom and Mary Elizabeth Winstead from this summer’s Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

In the film Winstead plays a Ph.D. candidate who joins a Norwegian research team in Antarctica after it discovers an alien ship in the ice. When a trapped organism is freed and begins a series of attacks, she is forced to team with a blue-collar mercenary helicopter pilot (Edgerton) to stop the rampage.

The Thing is directed by Matthijs van Heijningen

Are you interesting in seeing The Thing prequel?

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