MGM and Warner Bros refuse to give up on Peter Jackson and The Hobbit. A couple weeks ago Guillermo del Toro officially dropped out of the film due to its stalled production and to be completely honest we can’t blame him. The Hobbit is a huge responsibility and it’s been treated like the red-haired stepchild of the studio. Now that del Toro’s gone, they’re trying to get the films’ producer and Lord of the Rings director to do the job.

According to a report from Deadline, nobody has been offered the director’s chair for The Hobbit, even though there’s word that Harry Potter helmer David Yates is a front runner. Instead of harping on new candidates both Warner Bros and MGM are putting all their energy into getting Jackson to pick up where he left off with LOTR. He’s the obvious choice, he’s familiar with the material, and he’s shot multiple films simultaneously before.

Besides Yates, other names who’ve shown interest in the project include David Dobkin, and Brett Ratner (shudder). Please, please, please keep The Rat away from this! He couldn’t do one X-Men movie right, imagine the wreckage he’d leave behind if he got a piece of The Hobbit?!

When it comes down to it, if Jackson wanted to direct the film he would have done so from the very beginning. Obviously he has other things that he wants to focus on and he doesn’t want to take on both producing and directing duties like he did for the LOTR trilogy.

On the flip side to that, he’s very close to this property and there aren’t that many great directors who he’d trust with the material. Either he sucks it up and does it himself or he allows someone else to step in and make a bastardization of it (decision, decisions).

Do you think Jackson should direct The Hobbit? Do you think he will?