Actor Kevin Costner has become one of the many unexpected aids in the BP oil spill that’s ruining the Gulf. Back in May it was revealed that the Oscar winner had a super-secret machine that could help stop the oil flow and prevent events like this from happening in the future. At the time, no one really knew what the hell he was talking about because he was being so cryptic but now Costner has opened up to ABC News about what he’s doing to stop this madness…

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As you can see, Costner is serious about cleaning up the environment and he wants to help. He put over 20 million dollars of his own money into this machine that he claims separates oil and water at a very high speed and in difficult conditions. What can be more difficult than what’s happening in the Gulf right now?

Costner does admit that during initial tests, his machine wasn’t able to get the thickest water filtered but some adjustments have been made to correct that flaw. He doesn’t claim to be a knight in shining armor but he does want the government to give him an opportunity since what they’re doing obviously isn’t working. Oil has been leaking into the ocean for over a month now, are BP or the government really in a position to be picky?

What do you think of Costner’s machine? Do you think it could work?