This weekend we had the pleasure of enjoying a entire day with almost the ENTIRE cast of Twilight: Eclipse, as well as the writer, director and producer. We will have ALL of the interviews up for you soon enough, but lets begin with one of our favorite characters and one of the most talked about actors from the film – Jacob played by Taylor Lautner.

Lautner was the first up for the day to talk about his role as the non-t-shirt wearing werewolf, Jacob. Over the years he’s grown quite comfortable sitting in front of groups of people who all way to talk about him being buff – comes with the territory. Below you can see him talk about his rise to fame, being an “it boy”, what it’s like to grow up with Twilight, and filming some hot tent scenes with his co-stars…

Note: Although videos of the entire press conference have popped up online and our our YouTube channel (which you can find a link to below), there’s a lot of empty space during the interview. If you want to just get to the good stuff, then enjoy our edited version of many of the highlights of from his interview below…

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We will have more videos available on our YouTube Channel: of the entire press conference and our written interview up the week before the films release!

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart up next!

What do you think of Lautner? Think he’s really as down to earth and laid back as he seems?