***Update: Read/Watch the Interview on Stewart’s Perception of Bella Swan***

And the flood of Twilight videos continues as we bring you footage of our weekend with Twilight: Eclipse where we got to talk to almost the ENTIRE cast from the film, as well as the writer, director and producer. We will have ALL of the interviews up for very soon, but until then it’s time for the bell of the ball – Kristen Stewart who was rather charming and seems to be getting better about knowing how to describe her complex character while still keeping aspects of it a mystery.

She talks about once again being trapped between the two men and how sometime the most romantic on screen moments are not always the easiest to film. Find out more below…

Note: Although videos of the entire press conference have popped up online and our YouTube channel (which you can find a link to below), there’s a lot of empty space during the interview. If you want to just get to the good stuff, then enjoy our edited version of many of the highlights of from his interview below…

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We will have more videos available on our YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/screencrave of the entire press conference and our written interview up the week before the films release!

Check out Taylor Lautner’s video which has already been released and we’ll have Rob Pattinson up for you shortly!