I know what you’re thinking but yes, “Friday Night Lights” is still on the air. The small town, football drama is currently running its fourth season on NBC and it has fans wondering about the uncertain future of two if its characters. The major question on everybody’s mind is: Will Taylor Kitsch and Adrianne Palicki return for season 5? Well, you can rest your pretty little heads because according to EW, they’ll be back and with bells on…

Sources confirm that both Tim (Kitsch) and Tyra (Palicki) will be in Dillon during FNL’s fifth and probably final season. “Palicki will guest in next season’s last two episodes, while Kitsch has signed on for the final four.”

The duo will join Zach Gilford who’s also scheduled to return for the final 4 next season and Scott Porter who’ll appear in episode 7. All the Panthers will be together again for the series when it takes its final bow. Over the past year both Kitsch and Palicki have recently made the transition to feature films, which had fans worried about their allegiance to the show.

Kitsch starred in X-Men Origins Wolverine in the coveted role of Gambit and plays the title character in Pixar’s live action, CGI adaptation, John Carter of Mars. Palicki appeared in Scott Stewart’s Legion earlier this year and co-stars in the upcoming remake of Red Dawn alongside Chris Hemsworth.

Season 5 of “Friday Night Lights” is expected to debut next fall on DirectTV.

Are you excited that Kitsch and Palicki will be back for season 5?