We’ve heard so much about X-Men First Class that people have forgotten about 20th Century Fox’s other little spin-off, Deadpool. It’s no secret that Deadpool was one of the only good things to come out of Wolverine, which is why the studio green lit a film shortly after its release. According to The Playlist via Production Weekly, the studio wants Robert Rodriguez to direct their adaptation of the “Merc with a mouth.”

Rodriguez has been busy over the past couple of years with his production of Machete and the upcoming release of Predators but he’s no stranger to Fox and their directing advances. He was previously courted to helm their Planet of the Apes sequel but passed on the offer. Perhaps a comic hero as enticing and kick-ass as Deadpool might be enough to suck him into the X-Men world.

We were wondering when (any) news would surface regarding the Deadpool character because after Ryan Reynolds flipped him the bird for Green Lantern we were a little worried. At least now we know the studio is still moving forward and trying to develop the project. No official confirmation regarding Rodriguez’ involvement has been made but we’ll keep an eye on it and let you know when something breaks.

Do you think Robert Rodriguez should direct Deadpool?