After months and months of build up the season premiere of “True Blood” finally arrived. On Sunday, your favorite vampires and creatures of the night returned in a new episode filled with more trashy and oversexed behavior than you can shake a stick at (we’re looking at you Eric). That being said, we’re interested in hearing what you thought of its reintroduction. Vote in our poll and let us know if it lived up to the hype…

The season opener set up a lot of storylines for some of our favorite characters. Tara’s still reeling over the death of Eggs and Lafayette gives his shoulder for her to cry on, while dealing with his own V-pushing issues. Sookie turns to an unlikely source to find the still missing Bill, and Sam becomes interested in reconnecting with his family roots (bad idea).

Speaking of Sam and Bill…yeah, those two, um, did you see what happened there? And we can’t forget Eric who got one of the best introductions of the night. You know exactly what I’m talking about (drool). Overall it seems like the general population only had one major problem with the premiere and it’s name is Evan Rachel Wood.

Evan Rachel Wood shimmered in only to prove once again that True Blood possesses the uncanny supernatural power to rob her of her acting ability for as long as she appears onscreen; she even squashed the humor out of her laugh-line to Eric: “Isn’t moral anarchy kind of the point?” [EW]

What really worked for me out of these other plots was the way that the show teased out more about vampire society. I’m still not sure about Evan Rachel Wood’s vampire queen character (I think that Wood is playing the part a little too blandly to really work) [LA Times]

They’ve got a few really interesting storylines already building up for the season. Including one about vampire blood being sold illegally, but that involves Evan Rachel Wood and I’m just going to avoid talking about her as much as possible. And look, there I summed that story up in one sentence. [Chron]

I don’t dig her whole Vampire Queen character. At one point she threatens Eric by grabbing unto his male parts. She’s beautiful, but unnecessary. She gives “True Blood” a Queen of the Damned touch that just does not work. [ScreenCrave]

Burn! It looks like no one really likes what the Queen’s bringing to the table. Be sure to check out our review of the season premiere!

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