The first photo of Hugh Jackman on the set of Shawn Levy’s Real Steel has been released. The film co-stars Anthony Mackie, “Lost’sEvangeline Lilly, and Dakota Goyo as Jackman’s young son. The futuristic action flick combines Transformers with boxing, but scales down the machines to a more reasonable size. Check out the photo below…

The film centers on an ex-fighter who becomes a promoter when human boxing is outlawed for being too violent. People are replaced with massive robots with human characteristics that compete in gladiator style fights. Jackman’s character discovers a discarded robot that he thinks can be the new champion around the same time he finds out he’s the father of a 13 year old boy (Goyo).

When I first heard about this film and its concept it sounded kind of ridiculous. But after getting this small glimpse of what’s to come it doesn’t look that bad. I’m interested in seeing a few photos of Jackman interacting with his onscreen son as well as the other characters. Hopefully they release a full body shot of the robots soon so we can examine their design and see what they’re really all about.

What do you think of the first photo from Real Steel?

Source: USA Today