One of my favorite movies as a child was Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead. For some odd reason, the idea of a rambunctious group of kids leading double lives and trying to cover up the death of their babysitter was fascinating to me. Unfortunately, that nostalgia might be threatened by the infamous Hollywood remake. According to Pajiba, thanks to the success of eighties revamps like The Karate Kid Babysitter might once again be headed to a theater near you…

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead centered on a group of kid’s led by Christina Applegate who are left in the care of their elderly babysitter for the summer. While their parents are away the geriatric caregiver dies and insanity ensues. Applegate becomes the head of the household and manages to get a job at a swanky fashion house to support the family. The site claims that the film is currently in development and will be produced by Mark Gordon, via his The Mark Gordon Company.

The entire plot is outlandish but it was pure fun, which is why I’m not surprised that they’re bringing it back. If they go through with this, Applegate has to make a cameo. It wouldn’t be right if she didn’t. She was the glue that held the original together. The film also starred a yuppie David Duchovny and a very young Josh Charles.

What do you think of the remake? Would you go out and see it?