Now that Guillermo del Toro is no longer attached to direct The Hobbit everyone wants to know who will. This movie is no joke and has a slew of fans who accepted del Toro for the job because of his impressive track record, which means someone equally as impressive needs to fill his shoes. According to /Film, it looks like Harry Potter helmer David Yates might be one of the top choices to take over the directing reigns.

This is all speculation but the site claims that after viewing a few “industry insider tracking boards” Yates is a front-runner for the job. And to be completely honest he’s not a bad pick. When you think about it, he knows how to work from pre-existing material especially the kind that comes from a beloved book series. He’s the man Warner Bros chose to finish off the long running Harry Potter series with both The Deathly Hallows Part I and II. That’s what you call faith!

If he screws those movies up we can cry our hearts out but from what we’ve seen from the preview footage the film looks great. The possibilities at this point are endless and if Yates has thrown his hat in the ring we think he has a fair shot at winning the big prize.

Do you think Yates would be a good pick to direct The Hobbit?