On June 18th Josh Brolin will bring Jonah Hex and his mutilated face to the big screen in Jimmy Hayward’s adaptation of the DC comic. Even though it’s ready to hit theaters today, the film has had a rocky production history. Last December there was word that the cast and crew had to return for reshoots and when it comes to movies, “reshoots” is like a dirty word. It means trouble in paradise or there’s something terribly wrong that needs to get fixed.

While out promoting the film during the Los Angeles press day, Brolin along with Hayward cleared the air and let it be known that Hex wasn’t in terrible shape like everyone claimed. They also spoke about helmer Francis Lawrence and his involvement with the reshooting process…

Josh Brolin: There’s a difference between reshoots and additional shoots. There’s always a perception of ‘Oh is there a problem?’ First of all, who cares? The end result is all that matters. When we saw the initial cut, the base cut we go, ‘Oh wow, there’s a lot more humor than we thought here.’ So maybe it’s not as dark and gritty throughout the whole thing. We can base the movie as dark and then we can find some different colors of levity in all that.

It was more about enhancing what already was. I think that we missed some things during additional shooting that we didn’t realize because tonally there’s no model for this. There’s no base for this. It’s like 3 different genres in one. Is it a Spaghetti Western? Well no, not really. Is it a supernatural movie?  No, not really. Is it an action movie? No, not really but there’s elements of all those things. It was kind of like plowing out a completely new genre road and saying ‘OK, now we know what we have. How can we extrapolate on that?

Director Jimmy Hayward chimed in on Francis Lawrence’s involvement in all this:

Jimmy Hayward: Francis came in as a consultant and helped us out. He’s a friend of the family [Warner Bros], a friend of Andrew [Lazar], Akiva [Goldsman], and us and it was a big help.

JB: Mostly he’s somebody who knows scope. I mean Francis, that is the pinnacle of scope. That was very important to us when we realized what we had, the whole color palette, and the whole thing. It’s like wow this can seem much much bigger than it is for the budget that we had.

So there you have it. Lawrence didn’t give Hayward the boot after all. He just came in to “lend a hand.”

What do you think? Are you still interested in seeing Jonah Hex?