It’s kind of an unfair competition. There was a hell of a lot of pressure on Rampage Jackson to fill the shoes of the one and only Mr. T, the only A-Team member alive who refused to make a cameo in Joe Carnahan‘s 2010 adaptation of The A-Team.

Dwight Schultz had a moment with Sharlto Copley to bond over ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock and Dirk Benedict showed up in a scene with Bradley Cooper to show his support of him taking on Faceman, but there was no double B.A.Baracui and more importantly there was no pitying no fools! Lets just take a moment to think about this and reminisce over a Mr. T montage…

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Now that you have that fresh in your mind, check out the sleek updated version with bad-ass Rampage…

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Although the second is much cleaner, it’s hard to top the original performance. For those of you who have made it out to see the new The A-Team already, were you satisfied with Rampage’s performance? I won’t ask who was better, because that’s just mean, but how did you think Rampange did?

Was Rampage Able to Fill Mr. T's Shoes?

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