The marketing for Scott Pilgrim vs the World just got serious with the release of 7 new posters. None of them feature the title character or his love interest Ramona, instead they center on her 7 evil exes! If you didn’t get a good look at them during the trailer here’s a chance for you to get up close and personal with Matthew Patel, Lucas Lee, Todd Ingram, Roxy Richter, Kyle and Ken Katayanagi, and Gideon Graves. Check them all out below…

Talk about diverse casting! Does anyone else notice that within the ex-boyfriend crew we have Superman and The Human Torch/Captain America? It’s also eerie that the one girl here is listed as a boyfriend as opposed to a girlfriend. We’re not 100 percent familiar with the comic, so can someone let us know if Roxy Richter is hiding something (beneath the surface)?

Scott Pilgrim centers on a guy who picks the wrong girl to fall in love with. Her name’s Ramona and in order for them to be together he has to defeat (not fight) all 7 of her evil exes.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is directed by Edgar Wright and is scheduled to hit theaters on August 13, 2010.

What do you think of the 7 evil exes? Which one is your favorite?

Source: Joblo