Hollywood has sunken to a new low. Now that they’ve exhausted remakes, reboots, and 3D they’ve decided to take ideas from the general public instead of creating original content of their own. According to THR, a fake movie trailer that surfaced online entitled Technotise will be the source material for a new film. Not only is the trailer fake but it’s for a movie that doesn’t exist. Apparently it looked so intriguing that Legendary Pictures wanted to make it a reality and are taking the necessary steps to do so.

The trailer was based on the Serbian anime of the same name, which caught the eye of Laeta Kalogridis, who wrote the screenplay for Shutter Island and did some work on Avatar. She pitched it to the studio and they payed out seven-figures for the project and her screenwriting services. The Serbian movie, titled Technotise: Edit and I takes place in Belgrade in the year 2074 and centers on a failing art student who decides to get a chip implant to circumvent studying but gets more than she bargained for.

This is just one of the many internet based projects that has Hollywood taking notice. When producers Scott Glassgold and the Raymond Brothers caught wind of Technotise and the hype surrounding it they commissioned Jaron Pitts (who edited the Nathon Fillion Green Lantern video) to make a 2 minute trailer using clips of actress Milla Jovovich and footage from movies like Minority Report, Children of Men, and Avatar to give the studio an idea of what a live action version might look like.

You can watch both the animated and live action trailers below:

Animated Version:

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Live Action Version:

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What do you think of the trailers? Do they look interesting enough to make a film?