Shortly after Warner Bros released Louis Leterrier’s Clash of the Titans remake they announced a sequel was in the works. The good news is that Sam Worthington will once again wear a skirt, the bad news is Leterrier won’t be behind the camera (he opted not to return). The studio is looking elsewhere for the sequel’s director and according to a recent report Jonathan Liebesman is their top pick.

According to the LA Times, several directors are fighting for Leterrier’s old job but Liebesman has the upper hand. Mostly known as a horror director, he helmed Darkness Falls and the 2006 Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel, so he knows a thing or two about working with preexisting material. He also helmed the upcoming action flick, Battle: Los Angeles, which centers on the city being invaded by aliens.

Liebesman has found himself on the Greco-Roman train with another film entitled Odysseus, an adaptation we’ve been hearing about for ages. With the sudden rise of sword and sandal flicks over the past year we’re sure his work on this movie only ups his chances of landing Clash.

Regardless of the director, the one good thing that will come out of the Clash of the Titans sequel is proper 3D. The studio learned their lesson from last time and have decided to shoot the film in the format as opposed to converting it in post. Production is scheduled to begin in early 2011 before Worthington starts prepping for Avatar 2.

What do you think of Liebesman being the top candidate to direct Clash of the Titans 2? Is he the right choice?