With The Karate Kid remake hitting theaters this weekend, Ralph Macchio has experienced a huge surge in popularity. Besides a few cameo appearances on HBO’s “Entourage” he’s been keeping a low profile for the past 20 years. What happened to his white hot career? He was one of the many actors who ruled the eighties but disappeared shortly after the decade ended. He recently resurfaced in a video for Funny or Die where we discover the cold hard truth about Macchio and his life today. It’s aptly titled “Wax on, Fuck Off“. Brace yourself because it’s about to get heavy…

It’s funny how the opening credits state that he was a teenager and child star, yet he was well into his twenties when he starred in most of his films. But you can’t knock the guy for taking advantage of a youthful face, that’s a rarity in Hollywood. It’s like a unicorn flying over a rainbow.

The idea of having to corrupt yourself to be successful is an interesting topic and we’re happy somebody brought it up. How many times have we heard Robert Downey Jr. reference his prison record? Colin Farrell openly admits he had an addiction to drugs and alcohol and both actors have Golden Globe Awards. Controversy works like magic!

What do you think of Ralph Macchio’s Funny or Die video?