I love it when an action film comes together! Despite the fact that this movie continually reminded me of Team America, it’s a solid piece of entertainment. With all the explosions, flying tanks, witty lines and references you’re hoping for, it’s pure cheesy fun. Out of all the action movies that we’ve had this summer, this is the first that is pure entertainment from start to finish (don’t shove Iron Man 2 in my face, it’s a different type of film).

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The Players:

The Good:

  • Sharlto Copley: After District 9 everyone was wondering what Copley would do next and if he could really act. He may have blown us all away with his precious performance, but that was in his native accent and with his long time friend Neill Blomkamp behind the camera. So could he pull off an American (fuck yeah!) action film? The answer: Hell yes! In fact he was show stopper. He made the film fun. He’s just as good in this film as he was in District 9, only this time he’ll have you laughing your ass off. Not only did he tackle the accent like a pro, but he also managed to completely embody the character and transform himself. It’s like he has the magical ability to bring quality to action films!
  • The Team: Across the board, the boys playing the A-Team seemed to really take over their roles and embody the characters (despite the one mentioned below). They had great chemistry together and really helped enhance one another’s performances.
  • The Tone: There’s no doubt that there will be moments when the Team America theme jumps into your head with all the over the top America – (fuck yeah!) music. The good news is that Carnahan seemed to have a strong grasp on what he was going for and really stuck with one over the top, ridiculous tone for the entire film. It was able to hold some suspense without ever becoming too serious and always seemed aware of what it was trying to accomplish – entertainment.
  • The Music: It might not be remembered, but it really helped drive home the tone of the movie and kept it light-hearted and fun in moments that could have become too dark.

The Bad:

  • Too Much Explaining: I get that the A-Team is all about “when a plan comes together” but I don’t always want to listen to every single plan come together in detail. Although I love listening to Neeson’s voice narrate the film, it was a bit excessive and not always necessary.
  • Rampage: Let’s be honest, out of all of the characters Mr. T (being alive and all) was the hardest one to watch on screen. No one could really ever recreate Mr. T’s performance and although Rampage may have had the physic, he didn’t quite have the presence needed to embody the character.


Leave your brain at home, buy some popcorn and enjoy the ride!

Rating: 8/10

The A-Team hits theaters June 11th!



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