Russell Crowe is the latest celebrity to fall victim to internet death rumors. People all over have been writing “Russell Crowe has died,” on their blogs, yet he’s still alive and kicking! There are a few crazy reports stating he’s dead, while others claim he suffered serious injuries from a 50 foot drop off a mountain. Luckily Crowe’s publicist stepped in to nip this lie in the bud…

Early Thursday morning the New York radio station Z100, reported that Crowe had passed away and the news spread like wildfire. A rep for the actor confirmed to multiple sources including EW and US Weekly that the rumors are simply “not true.” The 46 year old actor is still around and doing fine.

We’re not sure who the radio station’s source was for this story but they got it completely wrong. Maybe someone was seeking revenge on him for his mediocre Robin Hood movie? Either way, this is pushing it.

Crowe is just one of many stars given a premature death sentence, he joins previous victims Jeff Goldblum, Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, and Harrison Ford. Why would someone want something to happen to Harrison Ford?! Stop with the lies and move on.

Where do you think the Russell Crowe story originated from? Why would someone start the rumor?