Production on Warner Bros’ Green Lantern hasn’t even wrapped but the studio is already preparing for its sequel. According to THR, they’ve hired 3 screenwriters to come up with a treatment for not only Green Lantern 2 but also The Flash! After years of rallying, DC and Warner Bros have heard our cries and are kicking the speedy hero into high gear.

The trade is reporting that Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim are taking on the job. This will be familiar territory for the trio who worked on the story for the first Green Lantern. Under their agreement, they have the option to pen the screenplay for one of the new films, which is currently undecided. I say go for The Flash because it needs more time put into it. They’ve already set up the Green Lantern mythology, its time to give another character a chance.

Former DC writer Geoff Johns was recently appointed chief creative officer of DCE, so it’s convenient that the studio’s Flash adaptation will take a cue from his comic run that featured Barry Allen as the hero. With these two, plus the upcoming Superman and Batman movies it looks like Warner Bros is giving Marvel a serious run for their money.

If the same writers who tackle Green Lantern also take on The Flash, does that mean there will be a connection between the films? Perhaps a Justice League connection? The studio has hinted at a possible JLA movie more than once and there’s word we might hear a special announcement at next month’s Comic-Con. Do you think it will happen?

What do you think of Warner Bros bringing on writers for both Green Lantern 2 and The Flash?