Earlier today we posted a story regarding Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing The Riddler in Batman 3, which we’re pretty sure is a rumor. There’s also word that the film’s production has already been set and is scheduled to start early next year. The news comes from a journalist from the LA Times Hero Complex Blog named Geoff Boucher, who’ll be interviewing director Christopher Nolan this weekend.

Boucher states, “I plan to ask him about the third Batman film, which starts shooting in March.” Even though March 2011 seems like it’s miles away that’s a decent start date. Warner Bros already set the film’s release for July 20, 2012 so we knew the production had to begin sometime early next year.

Jonathan Nolan is currently working on the script for the film, which means he has plenty of time to finalize it (with multiple revisions included), then they can send it out to the actors, begin prepping the locations, and shoot it in March. Does that sound decent or is that wishful thinking?

No one from the studio or Nolan’s camp have released any info regarding the shoot, so this could very well be some leaked insider info or at least that’s what we hope (fingers crossed).

Do you think a March 2011 is a legit start date for Batman 3?