There are a few roles that most Hollywood actresses would kill to get and Cleopatra is one of them. The Egyptian queen has been the subject of many books, plays, and films including the infamous Elizabeth Taylor version, and she’s headed back to the big screen. According to USA Today, the rights to the upcoming biography, Cleopatra: A Life have been bought by film producer Scott Rudin with Angelina Jolie as the front runner to play the queen.

The book was written by Stacy Schiff who was out promoting her current novel Schiff and Little when she was asked what actress physically captures the look of the real Cleopatra. She responded by saying, “we have little idea of what she actually looked like,” but “Angelina Jolie would be our choice.”  Rudin’s production office then confirmed that Cleopatra “is being developed for and with Jolie.”

That’s kind of a bummer. No offense to her but I’m getting tired of seeing the same dark haired blued eyed actresses play this woman. Like Schiff said, we know very little of what Cleopatra actually looked like but one would suspect that an African queen would be a little darker than Jolie. The queen was part of the Ptolemaic Dynasty which some say was a mix of Greek and Phoenician (with east-Indian and African stock) but who knows. They were notorious for inbreeding so their lineage is questionable.

Jolie did pull off the Roman wardrobe in Alexander pretty well even though her accent hurt my ears. With the right makeup and wardrobe there’s no doubt she can pull off royalty, her casting in this role just seems a bit…predictable.

What do you guys think about Angelina Jolie playing Cleopatra? Who else could take on the role?