We all have things that we’re afraid of and apparently Salma Hayek has a HUGE issue with snakes. This may come as a shock considering she got up close and personal with one in Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn. The actress and a couple of her Grown Ups co-stars recently had to deal with an unexpected visitor during a routine TV interview. A snake [off camera] approached the ladies and Hayek immediately ran for the hills or in this case Maya Rudolph’s head…

I love how Hayek is genuinely afraid, Maria Bello is kind of laughing, and Rudolph is sitting there cool as a cucumber. You can tell that the Hayek is in a serious state of panic. Climbing up on chairs is understandable but climbing up on Rudolph’s arms and legs? It must have been uncomfortable for her to have two grown women stabbing her with their heels.

Another thing I noticed was that lame ass response the crew gave. They edited the video so we couldn’t see the actual wait time but what took them so long to get there? When they do interviews like this people are standing all over the place. They must having been more concerned with their own safety and said screw everyone else!

What do you think about Hayek’s reaction to the snake? Was it too much?

Source: ExtraTV