It’s no secret that John McClane will be back for another outlandish adventure in the well established Die Hard series. Early last month a screenwriter was hired to pen the script for the fifth installment, a follow up to 2007′s Live Free or Die Hard (that title still rubs me the wrong way). The studio behind the franchise is 20th Century Fox, who are also working on a reboot of the Fantastic Four. Over at AICN, they got the inside scoop on the new titles that both films are tentatively working under….

For Die Hard the front running title is Die Hard 24/7. Yes, we’re serious. That’s what they’re rolling with right now. It sounds like the bastard child of John McClane and Jack Bauer. The last movie title was stretching it but this one is utterly ridiculous.

As for Fantastic Four, they’re going with Fantastic Four Reborn, which sounds pretty safe and generic. If I’m not mistaken there was a run in the comic with that name during the nineties so at least they’re sticking close to the material.

Overall, the Fantastic Four is fine but they need to go back to the drawing board with Die Hard. That title’s not going to cut it.

What do you think of the possible new titles for Die Hard and Fantastic Four?