Uncle Jesse — we mean John Stamos is moving from the tumultuous world of “ER” to the over competitive land of “Glee.” Stamos is no stranger to the music scene having starred on Broadway in Bye Bye Birdie and having toured for years with the legendary Beach Boys. Are we the only ones who remember that episode of “Full House” when he got down with them on the conga drums?

Stamos will be brought on as a new love interest for Jayma Mays‘ alter ego Emma. Even though he hasn’t appeared on the show his character has already been mentioned on screen. In a recent episode Emma revealed that she had been dating her dentist…cue Mr. Stamos. Fox has the actor lined up for a recurring gig next season where he’ll be going toe to toe with Will in a battle for her affection.

If anyone can pull off a good looking dentist it’s Stamos, so kudos to the casting director for bringing him on. Plus, he’s already played a character in the medical field with his three season stint on “ER”. His pseudo-medical background mixed with his Broadway training sounds like money in the bag for “Glee’s” second season. Score!

What do you think of John Stamos joining the cast of Glee? Is he a good fit?

Source: EW