A couple weeks ago we learned that James McAvoy will takeover the role of Professor Charles Xavier (originally played by Patrick Stewart) in  X-Men: First Class. In the world of comics, Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) and Professor X have one of the greatest rivalries of all time. And according to several reports, Inglourious Basterds co-star Michael Fassbender has a serious shot at playing McAvoy’s evil other half…

Matthew Vaughn is set to direct First Class and Showbiz411 is claiming that he wants Fassbender to play Magneto, but there’s a problem. He’s also on a short list to play the main bad guy in the rebooted Spider-Man movie that’s being directed by Marc Webb. They’re two Marvel properties being done by two different studios (Fox, Sony) and due to scheduling he can’t star in both. Plus, wouldn’t it be kind of weird if he did? We’re having enough issues with Ryan Reynolds and his Deadpool/ Green Lantern switcheroo!

Fassbender’s in a tough spot because both franchises are well established and have characters we all know and love. The downside is that both of them have pretty much run themselves into the ground because of bad writing, casting, and too much studio influence. Neither are on good terms with their respective fan bases so it’s a coin toss on which film will be better received.

At least Fassbender knows that First Class will be led by a kick-ass actor like McAvoy. They haven’t even announced the lead for Spider-Man (Jamie Bell’s the rumored front runner), a film that will have him going up against a teenager. I think I’m leaning more towards X-Men on this one.

What film do you want to see Fassbender in, X-Men or Spider-Man?