In a new Funny or Die Exclusive Pauly Shore “talks” to Anderson Cooper (although it kinda gives it away that you’re not in the same room when one of you is lit yellow and the other is not- but I’ll shut up now) about going to Africa and adopting a child. It seems as if Shore is working on having a comeback with his lasted film and using viral videos to help promote it.

Check out the video below…

An odd way of promoting a film titled Adopted but it works none the less and I love the Encino Man 2 reference – nothing like some good self-mocking to get some laughs. It seems like there’s a lot of mocking going on lately about starving children in Africa. In fact, this kind of reminds be of “African Child” the opening song in Get Him to the Greek.

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I guess the best way to deal with the problems in life are the laugh at them!