The Muppets are inching closer to their theatrical return according to a recent announcement from Disney. The studio has set a date for the film’s release that will have it up against some serious competition during the 2011 holiday season…

The Muppets will hit theaters on December 25, 2011 and is directed by James Bobin (“Flight of the Conchords”) from a script written by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller. Yes, Segel’s obsession with puppets from Forgetting Sarah Marshall seems to be the real deal. Even though the Jim Henson characters are prime for a comeback they’ll have some stiff competition with Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn, which opens on December 23rd.

So these old school puppets will be going against two Oscar winning directors, CGI, motion capture, and an ensemble cast featuring Daniel Craig and Jamie Bell. It’s like Sophie’s Choice for the movie goer! The new Muppet film will star Segel as Gary, the central human character alongside Kermit, Ms. Piggy, and a new Muppet we’ve never met. They can add as many new characters as they want, as long as I get my Fozzie. There’s nothing like a hat-wearing bear who tells bad jokes to get me in the holiday spirit. Christmas 2011 here I come!

What do you think of the release date for The Muppets? Are you interested in seeing the new film?

Source: EW