Over the past week, several hilarious news pieces have surfaced online and we’re not just talking about Tom Cruise and his booty dance with JLo (although we’ve covered that thoroughly). We’re referring to the recent developments surrounding the old TV series Voltron, the questionable divinity of Betty White, and the cult world’s fascination with Ray Liotta. It’s all here…

  • With the unfortunate passing of Rue McClanahan last week, Betty White is now the sole survivor of the “Golden Girls” clan. Cue the inappropriate photoshopped artwork draped in Highlander references like, “There can only be one.” [Unreality Magazine]
  • There’s still plenty of leftover commentary on Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards regarding the host, Twilight, Sandra Bullock, and Christina Aguilera’s glowing vajayjay. [FunnyCrave]
  • If you’re one of those people who are really, really into Iron Man here’s something you can get down with. How about an Iron Man T-shirt that looks just like the chest of Tony Stark’s suit? Don’t you all scream at once! [Slashfilm]

  • Voltron fans rejoice! The live action movie that’s been in the works for the past few years is dead in the water. Instead, the property will resurface as a animated TV show called, “Voltron Force.” We can get down with that. [Variety]
  • Ray Liotta is one of the few actors who can successfully pull off slick dialogue and someone recently took notice and created a compilation of his “Seven Most Memorable Film Moments.” [Unreality Magazine]

Here’s one of our favorites out of the bunch:

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Which one of these stories is your favorite? Which are you the most interested in?