If you like TV on DVD then this just might be your dream week. We have all sorts of huge shows hitting us with season-long box sets this week. We’re talking super huge. Like Urkel huge. Plus the entire series of a show that may or may not have a movie coming out based on it. I can’t be to sure, I don’t watch TV, or go to the movies, or go on websites, or look at billboards.

Plus, there’s a little movie by somebody named Martin Scorsese. Never heard of him, but I think the kid’s got promise.

Check it out below…


Shutter Island

It’s time for a public service announcement.  More a plea for my own sanity. Please, dear Movie Studio Marketing People, when you delay a movie’s release date. Please, for the love of all things good and just, make a new trailer!

Seriously, from basically August 2009 through February 2010, you couldn’t go to a movie without seeing the same Shutter Island preview. We got the same three lines, “For the criminally insane”, “Going somewhere?” and “You’re a rat in a maze,” on an endless loop for almost six months.  This on the heels of The Soloist debacle.

What does this incessant playing of the same trailer do? Makes us NOT want to see the movie. By the time it comes out, we’ve already seen the movie for a full 90 minutes so actually seeing how the plot develops seems redundant.

So, seriously, next movie that gets pushed back from the fall to the next spring, please come back with a new trailer. (I’m looking at you, The Adjustment Bureau).

Of course, if you still want to watch this film, you can check it out on DVD. Though I imagine you won’t be watching the trailer on the special features.



“Curb Your Enthusiasm”: Complete Seventh Season

Is it just me, or was this last season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” just the tiniest bit underwhelming.

Firstly, the whole season was hyped as a “Seinfeld” reunion, and that only figured into about 25% of the season. Secondly, that 25% was the weakest part of that season.

It just seems like a strange strategy. Take your series extremely far out of its element to give us something we all want (the return of “Seinfeld”) and then not really deliver with any sort of gusto.

The strange thing – the rest of the season was great, as good as any the show has ever produced. Yet the whole season seemed weighed down by precisely what we thought would make it transcendent.

It’s a funny thing about expectations. They tend to ruin something that might be better than you’re ever allowed to realize.

So when you buy this DVD, do so with tempered “Seinfeld” expectations.


  • “The A-Team”: Complete Series – Buy Now
  • “Family Matters”: Season 1 – Buy Now
  • “Nip/Tuck”: Season 6 – Buy Now