What is Mortal Kombat Rebirth? The trailer for it has popped up online and we’re not sure if it’s a promo for a new game or a live action film. The last time we saw MK in theaters it was 1997 with Annihilation the second of two lackluster adaptations by Paul WS Anderson.

Over at Latino Review, they’ve learned that this new video is being used as “test” to show studios what they can do if given the funds to produce a legit R-rated version. The actors used in the trailer are Michael Jai White (Jax), Jeri Ryan (Sonya Blade), Matt Mullins (Johnny Cage), Lateef Crowder (Baraka) and Ian Anthony Dale (Scorpion) with fight choreography by LarnellStovall . Check it out…

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Even though Michael Jai White previously played Spawn, he was always my first choice for Jax in the MK movies so it’s good to see him pop up here. As for the set up of the characters, it looks like they’re rooted in some type of reality bringing down the fantastical elements from the game. I’d love to see the full theatrical version of this, which was directed by Kevin Tancharoen, who worked on last year’s Fame. Who knew he could get down with hardcore action?

What do you think of the spec trailer for Mortal Kombat?