Is there anything Morgan Freeman can’t do? He’s a great actor, producer, and can narrate the hell out of a documentary, so what’s next for the Oscar winner? According to the AP he’s headed to space! Freeman’s been out promoting a new television series that will air on the Science Channel about space exploration. He will host and narrate the show (no surprise there) and produce it through his production company.

The series is called “Through the Wormhole” and it’s a passion project for Freeman who’s always had a fascination with astronomy and what lies beyond the stars. His partnership with the Science Channel allows him to delve into one of his favorite subjects while giving the network a much needed PR boost. They’ve been campaigning to get celebrities to come on board to take part in original programing and documentaries to heighten its exposure.

“Through the Wormhole” will ask the tough questions like, “Was there a Creator?” That’s the first topic they’ll tackle when the show airs on Wednesday that’s sure to spark plenty of discussions. Debbie Myers, the network’s general manager stated that the show will deal with some “heady stuff,” and as for Freeman spearheading the project,

“Morgan is kind of the everyman,” she said. “He has a love for science, but he’s not a scientist, and he’s a great storyteller.”

I’d have to agree. Freeman has James Earl Jones syndrome. When he speaks you have no choice but to sit down and listen. It’s great that he’s taking a personal hobby of his and turning it into something that he can share with general audiences. I’m not the biggest science geek but even I’m interested in seeing what the show has to offer.

Are you interested in going through the wormhole with Freeman and the Science Channel? Have you heard about this show?